We wouldn't be able to bring you this website or our YouTube channel if it wasn't for the dedication of our fantastic #TeamEurovoxx members!!

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Andy Carlisle, UK | Editor-in-Chief

Andy is the creator of Eurovoxx, and has been a huge fan of the contest since 1993, when he watched for the first time as a young child, and has never missed a contest since. 

He went to all shows in Stockholm 2016, and that is where he got the idea to start a Eurovision YouTube channel, which has since evolved into Eurovoxx!

Andy loves to travel, most recently travelling to Romania, Moldova and Poland (where he appeared on stage as part of the Polish Eurovision selection show).

Favourite Eurovision entry: ''Mall'' by Eugent Bushpepa (Albania 2018)

Clara Cabrera, Spain | Deputy Editor - Video Content

Clara Cabrera is a Spanish artist and writer who is really happy to be a part of the team. Her passion for Eurovision comes from many years ago, where the show was the only window she had to see what was outside of her country and spend one evening absorbing the music, the light and cultures of the whole continent (and Australia, Israel, Armenia and Azerbaijan)


With her other passion being art, Clara works from her studio in Aachen, Germany, where she delivers numerous portrait commissions that she receives from around the world.


You can learn more about her works on her site www.claracabrera.com

Favourite Eurovision entry: Wild Dances by Ruslana (Ukraine 2004)


Jessica Cole, UK | Deputy Editor

Jessica is from London, and has been a huge fan of Eurovision since 2005.

She has been to the see the contest live in 2010, and 2011, and soon to be heading to Kyiv for the 2017 edition!!

Favourite Eurovision entries: ''Always'' by Aysel & Arash (Azerbaijan 2009) and 'Oro' by Jelena Tomasevic (Serbia 2008)

Stuart MacLean, Canada | Deputy Editor

After years of hearing odd references to Eurovision, Stuart finally saw the excitement around the contest firsthand while living in Spain in 2018. After watching the Lisbon show that year, it didn't take long for him to start diving deep into the history of the contest.

Coming from a TV production background and being an avid fan of music, he sees Eurovision as a unique phenomenon that brings his career and his passion together. He is also fascinated by the contest's historical significance, and how it showcases multiple cultures at once.

Favourite Eurovision entry: "Soldi" by Mahmood (Italy 2019)

Paolo Nery, UK | Editor

I’m Paolo Nery, originally from London but currently studying in Dundee, Scotland. My earliest Eurovision memory was seeing Lithuania in 2006 but first became a Eurovision lover in 2011 when I found out Blue was representing the UK and since then I have watched and followed it religiously every year. Hopefully in the future I’d love to go watch the show live in the arena, given that the price is right! Outside the Eurovision bubble, I’m a student full time, and a baker and archer in my spare time, a lovely mix of stress reliefs and inducers!

Favourite Eurovision Entry: ‘La La Love’ by Ivi Adamou (Cyprus 2012)

Pollyanna Edwards, UK | Editor

I’m Pollyanna and I’m from a small town in the East of England. My earliest Eurovision memory is watching Lordi win in 2006 when I was just 6 years old, and being absolutely in awe of the contest ever since. Luckily my parents are also fans so it’s been a family event for us every year!

Since 2014 I’ve been following the contest religiously including national finals (Eesti Laul is my absolute favourite) and hope to one day be at the Grand Final in person. Outside of Eurovision, I work in a DIY shop and in my spare time I play piano and learn various languages.

Favourite Eurovision entry: 'Hunter of Stars' by Sebalter (Switzerland 2014)

Alex Scarr Hall, UK

I’m Alex from Cheshire in North-West England, UK. I’m currently studying Geography at Durham University. Some of my other favourite Eurovision stars include Måns, Emmelie, Eugent Bushpepa and The Common Linnets. My earliest memory from the contest is Lordi winning when I was 6 years old and I’ve been following the contest ever since 2006.

Outside of Eurovision, I’m a huge sports nerd. I particularly love rugby, American football and Ice hockey and play the first two at local clubs. I also love trying to learn languages and travelling. A bit weirdly, one of my favourite hobbies is also cocktail making!

Favourite Eurovision Song: Amar Pelos Dois (Portugal 2017)

Alvis Jannsons, Latvia

I am very passionate about Eurovision and Liverpool FC! I come from North-west of Latvia, and like to help others to raise their talent and celebrate their success. I also studied Logistics.
My motive is: Love.Peace.Music. 

Favourite songs : Hatrid mun sigra - Hatari and Sebi - Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl

Catalina Focuta, Romania

Catalina is 19 and from Romania, but currently studying Criminology in the UK.

Unlike many fans, she didn't start watching the contest as a kid, but joined a community of Romanian fans in 2016, and never left! She started watching the Romanian national selection in 2009 however, and is currently trying to learn as much Eurovision history as possible!

Catalina believes that Eurovision memes are one of the best things about Eurovision, and this #memelover hopes to go to her first pre-party in 2019!

Favourite Eurovision entries: "Wild Dances" - Ruslana (Ukraine 2004), "Golden Boy" - Nadav Guedj (Israel 2015), "Grande Amore" - Il Volo (Italy 2015) & "1944" - Jamala (Ukraine 2016)

Christopher Grevener, Germany

Claudia Sava, Romania

Claudia is from Romania. She’s a 6th year general medicine student. She started watching Eurovision in 2005. Claudia is one of the admins of the Eurovision Romania group and  she absolutely loves interacting with Eurovision fans from all over the world and participating in all sorts of Eurovision events.


She would name 2019 as her best Eurovision year, cause she had the chance of meeting all the artists of Selectia Nationala and also met and interacted with a lot of the artists that participated in  2019 edition of Eurovision.


Favourite entries: Eleni Foureira- Fuego ( Cyprus 2018), Iveta Mukuchyan - Lovewave ( Armenia 2016), Tina Karol- Show Me Your Love (Ukraine 2006)

Dany Márquez, Spain

¡Hola! This boy is Dany, from Seville (Andalusia, Spain). He is a graduate in journalism and a big Eurovision fan. So Eurovoxx is the best place to put both things together.

His passion for Eurovision began since he was a child. Fondly remember his family dinners in front of the TV on Eurovision night to watch and comment on the show together. Over the years, his passion was growing and, finally, he lived his first live show in Vienna 2015. He met the Eurovoxx team at the Eurovision Pre-Party in Madrid in 2019 and, after that, we had a great time in Tel Aviv together.

Dany loves music, videogames, movies, sports, animals and nature. He’s a curious person who always wants to learn. For example, he’s currently studying English and Italian.

Dominik Reichelt, Germany

Dominik was born 1995 and been a Eurovision fan since 2009 and his dedication to the contest is getting bigger and bigger.


He usually organises a private Eurovision party with his friends including an internal voting. He lived in Australia for 8 months and watched the ESC 2018 at 5am like a real fan.


Besides Eurovision, he's studying to become a primary school teacher. His hobbies are playing games, watching series, meeting friends and doing sport.


Favourite Eurovision Entries: "Rhythm Inside" by Loic Nottet (Belgium 2015), "Goodbye To Yesterday" by Elina & Stig (Estonia 2015), "Beautiful Mess" by Kristian Kostov (Bulgaria 2017) and "Arcade" by Duncan Lawrence (The Netherlands 2019)

Hanna Widman, Sweden

My name is Hanna, I am a 21 almost 22 year old Eurovision fan (and of course Melodifestivalen too) from the far north of Sweden!

I’ve been watching Eurovision and Melodifestivalen since I was a little kid in the early 00’s, but it wasn’t until 2015 I became a proper Eurovision fan!

Besides loving Eurovision I am also a huge language nerd and loves learning new languages etc! So much so I am actually studying to become a Swedish and English teacher!



Laura Cumbo, UK

Raised in a Eurovision-loving family, Laura has loved everything Eurovision since as far back as she can remember, even writing about it for her Masters dissertation.


Having never missed a broadcast (including every semi since they started) Laura has been to 2 contests (Stockholm and Kiev) and plans to go to many more.


Eurovision unites several of Laura’s biggest interests - travelling, pop culture and a love of all things glitzy. She lives in London with her cat, who has as yet shown a disappointing lack of interest in Eurovision, though Laura has high hopes that he’ll see the error of his ways.

Favourite Eurovision entry: 'Dschingis Khan' by Dschingis Khan (Germany 1979)


Michael Shmaytser, Israel

Israeli PR advisor, originally from Crimea, Ukraine. Communication, media, music and politics are my fortes, believe that music can gap on everything, living in two of the most controversial places in the world, can proudly say that it is our choice to seed in hatred and war or to spread tolerance and love. 
Following Eurovision since 2005 and Shiri Maimon’s great performance, Eurovision is 365 days in a year for me. Happy to be part of this great group of people called Eurovoxx.

Favourite Eurovision entry: Inga and Anush – Jan Jan (Armenia 2009)


Raffy Frymark, USA

Sanja Daić, Croatia

I'm Sanja, a psychologist from Croatia with an interest in creative writing. I'm very happy to be a part of this team and share my enthusiasm towards Eurovision with other lovely fans.

My ESC mania began in 1998 when I first watched the contest with my family and rooted for my country's entry Neka mi ne svane. Since then, May is by far my favourite month of the year!

When my friends ask me why do I love Eurovision so much, my answer is – where else can you discover so many different artists and genres and learn about other languages, geography, food, etc.  And where else can you see something as funny as Russian babushkas baking bread while partying on the big stage?!

Besides being a huge Eurovision fan, I'm also a big football fan and a Harry Potter fan.


Favourite Eurovision entry:  Wild dances by Ruslana (Ukraine 2004)

Sandra Ackefjord, Sweden

I'm a 25 year old sound designer that finished my bachelor in Media Technology this spring. I have had a love for Eurovision since 2000 when I saw Olsen Brothers win as a 6 year old child.


Since then I have watched it every year and developed a passion for the contest. Especially as a Swedish Eurovision fan it's special to be engaged in the contest when we have had a huge success.

But the most special thing is that I have found long term friends through my fandom and that's something I will never forget.


I have also 2 fluffy cats that I adore, but also take time to watch alot of documentary in my free time and being on social events.


My favorite Eurovision entry: "Euphoria" By Loreen (Sweden, 2012)

Twan Wormgoor, The Netherlands

My name is Twan Wormgoor. and I'm from The Netherlands. I have been watching Eurovision for a long time, however been a fan since 2014. Since 2017 I have been attending Eurovision In Concert in Amsterdam every year. 2019 will be my third year.


Favourite Eurovision entry: ‘Suus’ by Rona Nishliu (Albania 2012)

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