Salvador to take break from music career!

Salvador Sobral, winner of this Eurovision 2017 who caused some controversy with his winner's speech in which he referred to 'fast food music', has been forced to make a hiatus in his musical career. The singer and musician is waiting for a heart transplant and has been forced to cancel his upcoming performances.

We have to remember that it was his sister, Luisa, who took part in May’s Eurovision rehearsals for him, as rumours on Salvador’s health kept arising. Very few knew about how critical his condition was. Salvador is 27 years old and has a defibrillator implanted in his body to regulate his heart.

“The day I wake up and I am able to breathe normally, I am happy” he told Caras magazine.

Salvador needs a quiet life and until his condition improves he will remain away from the stage. He is optimistic about the future but he can’t say when he will be ready to return. In the mean time, his album “Excuse me” and his song “Amar pelos dois” will have to do.

We at #TeamEurovoxx wish Salvador all the best whilst he awaits his medical treatment, and a speedy recovery.

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