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Group Iriao Will Represent Georgia In Eurovision 2018!

Georgia have been somewhat quiet in sharing their Eurovision 2018 plans, wether they planned to go internal, or organising a national final hidden away from us, but it seems they have already selected their entry for Lisbon. It has been reported the group Iriao will be flying the flag in Lisbon for Georgia.

This evening INFE Georgia seemed to announce the bands selection out of nowhere, as well as an article released by Georgian broadcaster 1tv. Iriao is a group which specialise in a blend of jazz and Georgian ethnomus, the band have been established since 2013 and was founded by musical director David Malazonia.

For some time many believed it would be Junior Eurovision 2017 host Helen Kalandadze who would represent the Eastern European, shortly after her hosting duties ended she said she had been working on a song to be considered, either for an internal selection or national selection. However it seems that was all in vain.

So what do you think of the group? How will their unique blend of musical styles work in Lisbon? let us know your thoughts!

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