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Numero Uno: Russia's Little Big Youtube Hit

It is Official! Little Big's 2020 Eurovision entry, "Uno", is not the most watched video on the Eurovision Youtube Channel. The previous record holder was set by 2018 winner Netta and her song "Toy". At the time of writing, "Uno" had approximately 134 millino views, just overtaking Netta on 133 million.

Little Big are a Russian pop band formed in 2013, known for their cheesy and occasionally controversial musical elements. They are particularly famous for their creative music videos and infectious sounds, ranging from EDM to rave and hip-hop. Most of their videos on their personal, official youtube channel have passed the 100 million views mark, highlighting their fame within and beyond their native Russia. Their fames hit, "Skibidi", started an online dance trend where fans attempted to mimic their dance moves from the video. Little Big are also known to use their music as an outlet to express their take on current issues and parody stereotypes. Look no further than "Lollybomb", which portrays North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un and his love for nuclear warfare, according to Little Big.

There isn't any news yet whether Little Big will continue their Eurovision Journey and represent Russia in Rotterdam 2021. Do you think Little Big's "Uno" would have led them to victory in Rotterdam? And would you like to see them represent Russia in 2021 next year? Let us know in the comment section below, and here's Andy with his first reaction to the iconic track.

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