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JESC 2020 | Junior Songfestival songs released

Over this week the four songs from the Dutch national final for Junior Eurovision 2020 were released.

The 4 acts were put together after the Auditions, and the songs were especially made for the artists.

T-Square- Count On Me

Boyband T-Sqaure, consisting of Thijs, Teddy, Thimo and Tyron, were the first to release their song 'Count on me'. The song talks about counting on other people and putting yourself in the spotlight. Listen to the song here!


Jackie & Janae- It's You And Me

Duo Jackie & Janae were the second to release their ballad. about the meaning of the song Janae says ''The song talks about how everyone is unique and how friendship unites everyone' listen to the song here!


Unity- Best Friends

Girlband Unity, consisting of Jayda, Naomi, Demi and Maud, will sing their song 'Best friends' in Ahoy. The song talks about No matter how far away from each other friends live, best friends will always be united. listen to their song here!


Robin- Mee (Along)

Robin will perform her song 'Mee' together with her dancer in the final of Junior Songfestival 2020. She sings about a complicated relationship, but yet she doesn’t want to lose het other half. Listen to her song down below!

Which of these songs would you like to represent the Netherlands in Jesc 2020?

Let us know in the comments down below!

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