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RAI Announces Details for Sanremo 2021

Italian Broadcaster, RAI, has announced some important information about Sanremo 2021 as rumours regarding Diodato, other potential participants, and the competition's status as a Eurovision selection show continue to circle. Most significantly, it has been announced that the illustrious festival that predates Eurovision itself will happen in the Teatro Ariston as usual. However, it will take place between the 2nd and 6th of March, a month later than its traditional early-February time slot. RAI have not explained why this is the case, but it is highly likely that the slight delay has been made to ensure Italy has recovered as effectively as possible from the recent pandemic. Despite the change of schedule, there has been no indication from RAI about a potential lack of audience, limited press access or a scaling down of the size of the festival.

It is also now official that the festival will have the same hosts as last year, as renowned, long-time Sanremo presenter, Amadeus will once again team up with comedian and fellow TV host, Rosario Fiorello (often known just as Fiorello). The director of RAI stated "Sanremo 2021 will again be entrusted to artistic director Amadeus, a measured, polite person but also a great entertainer, who did a great job of selecting the songs," in a statement that put trust in the popular hosting stars of last year's festival whilst also emphasising the need for the 2021 edition to be a great success as we "will reopen our normality". This was a blantant but important reminder of how important the 2021 season will become as broadcasters must learn to balance safety, precautions and big productions to ensure that the 65th Eurovision season will come into fruition.

Hosts of Sanremo 2020 and soon to be 2021, Amadeus & Fiorello

In addition to these announcements, rumours of all types have been circling about the wider festival. Firstly, it is unclear whether Diodato has been invited back or not been selected. It had originally been heavily rumoured that Diodato would return to Sanremo to compete once again for the right to represent his country. However, recent rumours have cast doubt on this original development as it could be possible that Sanremo may not select Italy's representative at all, instead simply acting as a normal festival. If this was the case, it would be likely that Diodato has been internally selected by RAI and whilst this is widely believed to be unlikely, considering the history, success and prestige of Sanremo, many Italian fans are calling for Diodato to get another chance after the cancellation of Eurovision 2020.

Some other less significant rumours include the potential participation of artists already familiar to the Sanremo scene. Two big names coming up a lot include Elodie and Levante, both participants in the 2020 edition, finishing 7th and 12th respectively. Elodie was a fan favourite for her classy, pop track "Andromeda", previously tipped to be a likely winner by fans and Levante's mid-tempo atmospheric pop number "Tiki Bom Bom" impressed the Eurovision community with the song's unique sound. Nonetheless, it's important to know the potential appearance of these artists at next year's competition is far from confirmed and amount to rumours within the Eurivision community.

These are promising signs for Europe's longest running national final and amount to an important step in the right direction that give us hope, suggesting Eurovision 2021, and the wider season could be one of the biggest yet and "better than ever" as outgoing Executive Supervisor, Jon Ola Sand, stated.

What do you think about Sanremo's future? Do you like Diodato and his song? Here's Andy's reaction to "Fai Rumore" and let us know what you think!

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