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#ThrowbackThursday | Withdrawn Eurovision songs part 2

Today we're back with the second part of out mini- series on withdrawn Eurovision songs! Today we will be taking a look at 5 other songs that we sadly never got to see on the Eurovision stage.

Serbia and Montenegro 2006: No Name - Moja Ljubavi

The group No Name (who represented Serbia and Montenegro at Eurovision 2005) won the national selection of Serbia and Montenegro again in 2006; however they never got to see the Eurovision stage for a second time.

The jury of RTCG voted tactically, by not awarding any points to Serbian singers and favourites Ana Nikolić and Flamingosi ft. Louis, hence the executive board of the show decided that the victory of No Name was invalid. A proposal for a new show was made, however this did not make it through and they withdrew from the 2006 contest. Serbia and Montenegro were still allowed to vote in Eurovision 2006 though, despite their absence.


Cyprus 1988: Yiannis Dimitrou & Scott Adams- Thimame

In 1988 duo Yiannis and Scott were due to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Thimame". However they were forced to withdraw, as the song Thimame had previously participated in the 1984 national selection for Cyprus. Had Cyprus participated, they would have performed in second place.

Fun fact: The Israeli participant in 1998, Yardena Arazi, was told by an astrologer that the song performed in 9th place at Eurovision 1988 would be the winner. Israel had initially drawn to sing in 9th place, but due to the withdrawal of Cyprus, Israel ended up singing in 8th place instead. Eventual winner Celine Dion performed in 9th place, giving Switzerland their second Eurovision win.


France 1974: Dani - La Vie À 25 Ans

Dani was set to sing her song "La Vie À 25 Ans"; however due to the death of president George Pompidou, France decided to withdraw from the contest. The funeral of the late President took place on the same day as the Eurovision final, and thus the broadcaster deemed it inappropriate for France to participate. Dani was due to perform in 14th place and during the final, and she was seen by viewers in the audience at this point in the contest.


Liechtenstein 1976: Biggi Bachmann - My Little Cowboy

In 1976 Liechtenstein made an attempt at debuting in the contest, however, because the country did not have a national broadcaster, they were not allowed to participate. Had they participated, they would have sent Biggi Bachmann with the song "My Little Cowboy".

*We have not been able to find this song anywhere. If you find it, please feel free to send us a message on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!*


Israel 1980: The Brothers and The Sisters - Pizmon Hozer

After their victory in 1979, Israel declined hosting the contest for the second time in a row as the broadcaster didn't have the funds for another international production, and the broadcasters request to increase their budget was declined by the Israeli government. So the contest was hosted in The Netherlands instead, and because the show was planned to take place on Israel's memorial day, they therefore decided to withdraw from the contest, and The Brothers and The Sisters were not able to perform their song "Pizmon Hozer" on the Eurovision stage.


Stay tuned as next week we will be looking at five more withdrawn entries! But until then, how well do you think these songs would have done at Eurovision? Do you think any of them could have won?


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