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Eurovision 2021 | France Opens submissions for their 2021 National Final

French Eurovision Broadcaster, France 2, has just announced that submissions are now open for their National Final set to be held in early 2021. This follows an announcement two weeks earlier that 2020 participant, Tom Leeb, would not be returning as the Big 5 country’s representative. The submission process will be open until September 30th and has opened today for all songwriters and artists.

The head of France’s contest delegation, Alexandra Redde-Amiel added to the interest, stating that the National final would “it will only take one show to find out who will next represent France”. However, she is also remaining silent about the finer details whilst explaining a more complete announcement would be very much worth the wait. It is widely speculated that the National Final will not use the same name as the selection show for 2018 and 2019 that aired under the name “Destination Eurovision. This is because it is believed that a different branding will bring a fresh identity to a country that has struggled to consistently place highly in recent years, only holding 1 top ten finish in the last ten years. It has also already been revealed that Paris will not host this National Final to engage with a wider audience, limiting the focus from the capital. Potential host venues that have recently been circling in rumours include the illustrious 50,000 capacity roofed arena, Stade Pierre-Muroy, in Lille and the Tony Garnier Hall in the third largest city, Lyon. These big aspirations should be commended, but also come with great expectations of a national final of great size and intrigue as we approach the new Eurovision Season. These are indeed promising signs for France’s many dedicated eurofans as the high standard of these rumoured arenas and the mystery behind the national selection is definitely a sign that the competition is being taken very seriously by the national delegation.

Re-live Tom Leeb's Eurovision 2020 song for France, and what Andy had to say about it!

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