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Bulgaria | Victoria is 'Alright' as she releases music video for her new song

Earlier this week, Bulgaria's representative for Eurovision 2020 and 2021, Victoria, premiered the official music video for her latest single 'Alright'. The video is available on Victoria's official YouTube channel, whilst the song itself is available on all streaming platforms.

The music video was mostly filmed in Burgas and Primorsko, which are two of the most popular seaside cities along the Black Sea coast. The indoor scenes of the video were filmed inside Arena Burgas and the outdoor scenes were filmed on Perla Beach near Primorsko. The video was produced by Four Elementz and Ligna Studios, and co-directed by Victoria herself. Check out the video below.

The song itself was written during a songwriting session in Bulgaria's capital, Sofia. It was written by Victoria herself, alongside Sanne Osterberg, Cornelia Wiebois, Martin Masarov and Borislav Milanov. Speaking of the song, Victoria had this to say about it:

"We all have our everyday challenges. Finding your true self and your place is not easy. I also struggled with this for a long time. Discovering your own voice takes time. But through this journey we learn important lessons. We learn to be patitioned.

Hiding from those everyday challenges in not the way forward and sometimes people forget their dreams. Alright is about facing those challenges, finding this new hope that comes from saying to yourself "Everything will be alright" and moving forward. Because life is wonderful and we are often stronger than we think. We just need to let the light guide us and remember that it will be alright."


Victoria was due to represent Bulgaria at Eurovision 2020 with 'Tears Getting Sober', but due to the unfortunate cancellation of the contest, was unable to do so. However, she has be confirmed to represent Bulgaria at Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam.

Until then, Victoria already has some concerts and performances lined up, most noticeably at Sofia Pride, in which she was the first Bulgarian artists to perform at the event, which was held online this year. She is also expected to perform at the biggest awards show in Bulgaria, the BG Radio Awards, in Plovdiv on July 4th. She will sing her new single 'Alright' along with 'Tears Getting Sober', making it the first televised performance of her Eurovision entry.

Have you heard Victoria's new song, Alright? Have you seen the music video yet?

Let us know what you think of it in the comments below!

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