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Croatia | Will Dora chose Croatia's representative for Eurovision 2021?

There has been speculation recently in the Croatian media that Dora will be coming back next year to chose Croatia's Eurovision 2021 representative. The Croatian website Jutarnji List has reported that the Croatian broadcaster HRT is looking to use Dora once again to chose their Eurovision 2021 representative.

It has been reported that HRT signed a contract with Opatija 21 (the venue where Dora is held) in November 2019, with the contract stating that HRT have agreed to hold Dora in Opatija until 2021. Alongside this, it also looks like the venue has already been booked by HRT for February 27th 2021.

However, at the present time, no official announcement has been confirmed or denied regarding Croatia's selection method for Eurovision 2021, and it is still unknown whether Dora will be returning, or if Damir Kedžo will be returning.


Damir Kedžo won Dora 2020 with his song "Divlji Vjetre" and was due to represent Croatia at Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam. Regarding Eurovision 2021, Damir himself, along with his manager, have both spoken out about the situation.

Speaking to Jutarnji, Damir's manager has said: "I have no official information. Since the onset of the Corona Virus, we have learned to be patient and wait for official information. This is why we will wait for the decision of the competent HRT and upon learning of the decision, I can comment on it." Damir has also said that he does not want to force HRT to make a decision during the Corona Virus pandemic, and that if they did decide to hold Dora in 2021, he would be interested in competing again, if he had the right song.

Check out our interview with Damir after he won Dora 2020

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