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North Macedonia | The winners of Kaliopi Fan Art have been revealed

Back in March 2020, Macedonian superstar and two times Eurovision representative in 2012 and 2016, Kaliopi, created an online contest called "Kaliopi Fan Art", which she set up to encourage her fans to be creative and to stay home during these challenging times.

The contest ran throughout the whole of April. It was made up of many different categories, including dancing, drawing, playing and singing, with the winner of each category going on to participate in the main finale for a chance to win the main prize of a weekend in North Macedonia with Kaliopi herself.

After several months of online socialising and voting, the winner of Kaliopi Fan Art has been decided, and it is Viktorija Milošević from Smederevo in Serbia!

“To be honest, I didn't expect to win the Grand Prix award because the contestants made a big effort and showed their talents in many ways. I am very happy and excited for the main award and it gives me more motivation to do what I like, and I realized that I should never give up, believe in myself and work on myself.

I would like to thank Kaliopi and her team for giving me strength and motivation to do my best and chase my dreams. I didn't expect it but I got such a big support not only from my parents, my professors, my friends, but also from my city and beyond. I would like to thank everybody for this wonderful experience and I hope that the other contestants experienced the contest as I did.”

Kaliopi, alongside an expert jury chosen by her management team, listened to and watched all of the submissions and voted for their favourites, and voted for who they thought should win each category. In addition to the main prize, they also gave out prizes to first, second and third place in each of the four categories, as well as prizes to the youngest participant and to those who made a special contribution and marked Kaliopi Fan Art in their own way. You can check out the final results below:

Kaliopi Fan Art brought together many competitors from around the world and followers of Kaliopi's Art on social media, and has become a place where everyone shared joy, positive energy and hope for a better tomorrow. It became a place where different generations from different countries have come together, but with the same interests, united through song, instruments, dance, drawings and videos, expressing their talents and giving each other support.

Kaliopi still believes that she has managed to convey this message and a great life motivation; that the most important thing is faith in yourself and in your dreams:

"I made Kaliopi Fan Art to keep in touch with my audience and give them a ray of light during this time of general crisis. At the same time, through this project, my fans expressed their creative skills and talents. And even though we are at a distance, the music should unite us again and unite us into one.Congratulations from the bottom of my heart to all the participants, awarded people, as well as to my team who worked tirelessly on this project.”

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