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Iceland | Daði Freyr lands #34 in UK Charts

Daði Freyr

Daði Freyr, Iceland's entrant for Eurovision 2020 has found his way in the United Kingdom's charts with his song, "Think About Things," moving up to number 34 out of 100. But the Icelandic musician isn't the only Eurovision artist to make it into the UK's top 100 charts.

The song was played on BBC Radio 1, with DJ Scott Mills (who also provides commentary for the BBC at the Eurovision Semi Finals) thinking that the song would have won, and describing it as a banger, saying that it is "Iceland's best Eurovision song that never was".

Daði Freyr's success in the UK could be party thanks it's popularity on Tik Tok, as well as Spotify, where it has entered the UK top 50 with over 130,000 streams a day.


Since 1957, the United Kingdom has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest every year (except for 1958). With its introduction to Eurovision, the UK has opened its people's ears to a brand new source of music from all over Europe. With this, the UK started to see Eurovision artists from other countries climb their Top 100 Charts.

Here are the highest charting Eurovision songs in the UK:

Eurovision Songs in UK Charts

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