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Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light viewing figures revealed

Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light, the EBU and Dutch Broadcaster's alternative programme to Eurovision 2020, was viewed by over 73 million people throughout Europe and Australia. The show was a joint effort between the EBU and the Dutch broadcasters NPO, NOS and AVROTROS in the wake of the cancellation of Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam.

Noel Curran, EBU Director General, has said this of the show: “I really want to congratulate the whole team at NPO, NOS and AVROTROS who produced an incredibly creative and very emotional show under challenging circumstances. I’m proud that, with Europe Shine A Light, we united a continent in true Eurovision spirit. These fantastic figures really highlight the power of public service media to bring audiences together, not just in their own countries but across the world too.”

The show was broadcast in all 41 participating countries of Eurovision 2020 and was also available online for all those outside of Europe and Australia to watch. Italy saw the highest viewing figures for Europe Shine A Light, with 3 million people tuning in on various different channels of RAI. Host country The Netherlands and the United Kingdom both saw audience figures of 2.4 million on NPO1 and the BBC, with Channel One in Russia reporting viewing figures of 2.1 million. The show was also a hit with the younger audience, with 20 per cent of viewers aged between 15-24.

Jon Ola Sand, Executive Supervisor of Eurovision from 2010 to 2020 has said: “Even in the absence of a Song Contest, our show this year proves that the light that Eurovision shines into millions of hearts remains undimmed. I’d like to thank the incredible team in the Netherlands for all their hard work and our digital team who also worked intensively to provide new, original content which engaged millions online as well.

Various other participating countries have also revealed their viewing figures for Europe Shine A Light:

Germany - 1,640,000

Spain - 1,262,000

France - 1,170,000

Sweden - 868,000

Poland - 723,000

Denmark - 577,000

Belgium - 544,000

Portugal - 488,000

Greece - 250,000

Austria - 235,000

Finland - 163,000

Switzerland - 159,000

Estonia - 135,000

Australia - 98,000

Iceland - 67,000

Cyprus - 45,000

Did you miss the show? Or do you want to watch it again. Either way, the video is still available to watch on the official Eurovision YouTube Channel:

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