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Eurovision 2021 | Senhit will go to Eurovision 2021

Tonight, San Marino became the 18th country to confirm that they will send their intended representative for 2020 to Rotterdam next year in the form of Italian-born Senhit. In March, Senhit was announced as the micro nation’s entry in the Eurovision that never came to be after a national Final between two songs determined that she would sing ‘Freaky!’ for the Serene Republic.

Senhit announced this confirmation of her continued Eurovision journey beyond the cancelled season live on Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light – the show that commemorated this year’s acts in a tribute to music, key workers during the crisis and the 2020 songs. This was followed by a post on her Instagram story that reads “See You next year! Eurovision 2021.”

This is great news for the 41-year old artist who has long-running Eurovision experience, debuting on the continent’s largest stage with her song ‘Stand By’ in 2011, that despite failing to qualify with a 16th place finish in her semi-final, marked a turning point towards her nation’s permanent Eurovision involvement.

Senhit has also gained valuable experience in her decade-ling Eurovision absence, releasing several singles and EP that debuted in 2017. Since her well received performance in Düsseldorf, San Marino hasn’t missed a Eurovision season since, and continues to fire ambitious and intriguing entries onto the Eurovision music scene. We are looking forward very much to seeing Senhit get 'Freaky' again for San Marino on the Eurovision stage in 2021!

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