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North Macedonia | Pre-Europe Shine A Light Interview with North Macedonia's Vasil

Vasil Garvanliev was set to represent North Macedonia in Rotterdam with, "YOU."

It's the day of Eurovision's Celebratory show, Europe Shine a Light. Although it's unfortunate that the song contest in Rotterdam has been cancelled this year, that's not keeping our favorite artists down!

I was able to check in with Vasil prior to today's festivities.


RF: How has the process of joining Tamara last year at Tel Aviv prepare you for your Eurovision journey this year?

VG: Like the best unplanned dress rehearsal. I was a sponge last year - soaked it all up, watched, and observed the inside of this amazing and intricate machinery.

It was a confirmation that my lessons and experience from the disciplined opera world are going to be a big plus for me in life. When I was young and people told me it takes 10 years for the classical voice to be trained I thought they were crazy! ... now I see it as one of my best assets in performing.

One of the biggest challenges for the performers on the stage is to be able to receive the energy wave from the fans/audience and use it in a positive way. Only those on stage can truly feel the power of that.


RF: I’ve noticed you’re very active with your fans, have they played a role in inspiring you to work on additional projects?

VG: I would say the Fans are number ONE. I was expecting messages and support but this has been UNREAL. I always try to see the good in every bad ... and Covid removed ALL of our titles ... we are all one and will get through this together.

I am glad that I could get a step closer to the fans and share my soul from all them phone recordings I made at home while quarantined. The Promo tour was one thing I was really really looking forward to this year.

Here’s to hoping that this dream and chance becomes a reality next year! Come on MRTV Gods!!


RF: Have you noticed a change in reception from going from classical music to more pop and contemporary?

VG: Of course. The demographic alone is the biggest shift and change. My opera fans were ladies 60+ haha ... and we know what pop world is like. It’s been fun tho a lot of people still see me as an opera singer ... which is not true ... yes I am an educated voice but opera is just one shade of vocal color.


RF: I heard you talk about your interpretation of the “You” music video- what was your initial impression when you heard the song the first time?

VG: I can light the stage on fire with my energy in this song.

I knew that the main focus wasn’t on the voice which got me excited to show the other side of me. To dance and sing - I attended choir camps a few summers while I was living in the States.

That’s the only thing I am the saddest about when it comes to “YOU.” It is a song for the stage. Even the singing on the video and track is very radio friendly and “produced” the sound especially with the powerhouse female voices that I was going to take would have been a very special experience on stage.

Not to mention the staging of Tine and Marie who did our staging last year.


RF: If your experiences growing up were different, where would you see yourself today?

VG: Such a simple hard question. Life has been funny ... I used to complain about it but now just fully surrender and believe that there is a bigger picture and plan in store. I always had to leave before my biggest chance was given to me ... and it’s made me stronger.

Had I not left Macedonia at the peak of child icon career - not sure I would have gotten into opera or to be honest what kind of an effect puberty would have had on a little boy who is the idol in the country. It’s all like a dream to me now a days.


RF: You started singing young, did you always want to be a singer?

VG: Yes. Almost 25 years professionally doing this. I feel so blessed to be doing what I love and I feel that with the move back home and focusing on my music ... my big journey is yet to begin.


RF: Do you have anything fun planned while watching Shine a Light?

VG: We are on full curfew weekends so the parties we usually have we now can’t ... so we’re doing an upgrade this year ... Pajama Sleep Over Celebration!

It is a little bitter sweet but health is first so ... I will get to experience it from home with Prosecco in my hand.


RF: What’s next for you?

VG: Few projects. I am focused on finishing my Macedonian album which will focus on our roots and traditions (Like my singles Gerdan, Mojata Ulica, and Patuvam) while I am also focusing on my first English EP which will be a modern sound.

I still don’t know anything with regards of next year but if asked would love to finally get my chance, meet the fans, and share my story through my voice and song.


Check out Vasil's song "You" below:

Make sure you catch ‘Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light', which again, is airing in place of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 Grand Final on Saturday, 16 May at 21:00 CEST.

Did you enjoy this interview? Tell us in the comments below!

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