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Eurovision 2021 | Ana Soklič and Samanta Tīna will return to Eurovision 2021

It has been confirmed that Samanta Tīna from Latvia and Ana Soklič from Slovenia will be returning to Eurovision 2021! However, at the moment, it is unknown how Samanta and Ana will chose their new Eurovision songs for 2021.

Samanta Tīna appeared very happy and emotional when she found out the news that she would be returning to Eurovision 2021, during an interview on Latvian television.

Ana Soklič has also expressed her joy at returning to Eurovision 2021: "I am very honoured and happy. I will do my best. I have lots of work to do. I have a sense of great responsibility to myself and Slovenia to represent the country as well as possible. Thank you to the universe for this possibility."

Are you happy to see Samanta and Ana back? What kind of songs would you like to see them sing?

Let us know in the comments below!

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