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Czech Republic | Benny Cristo to return in 2021

It has been confirmed that that this year's Czech representative, Benny Cristo, will be returning to represent the Czech Republic in 2021! This now makes the number of acts returning from this year to 14.

In a statement made by a representative from the Czech national broadcaster, Lucie Kapounová, she stated "Benny won this year’s national round, but unfortunately he didn’t get the opportunity to show up on the big Eurovision stage, so we decided to address him as a representative for next year. However, we would like to let fans and viewers speak into what song he would represent in the upcoming year, because ‘Kemama’ must not be according to the rules. We will keep the audience informed in time and continuously."

Benny Cristo himself also made a statement about his return, saying "I am very happy that the Czech Television has given me the chance to showcase myself, even next year. I can promise all the fans and viewers that I will use the time I have due to the world events. We have something to look forward to."

The 14 acts returning from this year are:

  • Australia - Montaigne

  • Austria - Vincent Bueno

  • Azerbaijan - Efendi

  • Belgium - Hooverphonic

  • Bulgaria- Victoria

  • Czech Republic - Benny Cristo

  • Georgia - Tornike Kipiani

  • Greece - Stefania

  • Israel - Eden Alene

  • The Netherlands - Jeangu Macrooy

  • Romania - Roxen

  • Spain - Blas Cantó

  • Switzerland - Gjon's Tears

  • Ukraine - Go_A

Benny Cristo was set to perform 'Kemama' in Rotterdam tomorrow in the 2nd semi final and was drawn to perform in the 1st half prior to the cancellation of the contest. You can check out his music video below:

We also did a video on who we thought would have qualified from the 2nd semi final. You can check it out below:

What do you think of this news? Are you happy that Benny Cristo is returning? Tell us in the comments below and follow us on our social media and subscribe to our Youtube channel.

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