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ESC | Tajci, Yugoslavia's 1990 representative, re-releases "Hajde da Ludujemo"

The Yugoslavian representative in 1990 Tajci has released a new version of the song "Hajde da Ludujemo". In this re-release, she teamed up with other artists from the former Yugoslavia region, including former Eurovision representative Tijana Dapcevic, via videolink in order to make the new release. This release comes after it being the 30 year anniversary since this represented Yugoslavia in Zagreb, Croatia.

In an exclusive interview with Eurovoxx, she said about re-releasing the song "I wanted something else, because this song is really not just my song, you know I sang it 30 years ago but then whatever the joy that it had that i felt was bigger than me, 'love', whatever it was, 'connection', lived on. So i wanted to invite people who had connection with this song to join in and kind of be a testimony." She continued, "We've been through a lot of *beep* stuff you know in these 30 years but we're all in this together and let's bring some of the joy back into our world right now. And the fact we're doing it from our homes, where we don't have big productions, we don't have stuff to make us sound better and look better and all that, it's so raw and so real and I love it. And I am so honoured to have these big stars join in."

You can check out Tajci's new version of the song and her interview with Eurovoxx below:

What do you think of the new version of the song? What did you think about her interview? Tell us in the comments below and be sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to our Youtube channel.

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