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North Macedonia | Join Kaliopi in the fight against Coronavirus and win a trip to North Macedonia!

Picture taken from Kaliopi's official Facebook page

Macedonian superstar and two times Eurovision representative in 2012 and 2016, Kaliopi, has created an online contest called "Kaliopi Fan Art", which she has set up to encourage her fans to be creative and to stay home during these challenging times. The competition has a number of unique and exciting prizes, including an opportunity for the first prize winner to spend a weekend in North Macedonia and hang out with Kaliopi herself!

As a leading artist and figure in North Macedonia and the Balkan region, Kaliopi is playing an important part in raising people's awareness in the fight against Coronavirus, by spreading awareness of the importance of self isolation and staying at home during this time. Over the past two weeks, Kaliopi has been singing and talking live from her home on social media to engage and entertain her fans through her love, music and optimism during these challenging times.

"In the past few weeks, I have introduced people virtually into into my home to share my colorful world of music and emotions. I wanted for just a moment to get away from the day-to-day events that are surrounding us at this moment and of course overcome the fear and mistrust with a song. And then I realized how many possibilities and creativity are hidden in each of you. So that's why I decided, with the help of my team, to create a place where each of you will realize your creative moments and will be closer while being apart from each other, by the motto #stayhome. Can't wait for your reactions! WELCOME TO - KALIOPI FAN ART, I love you...... Kaliopi”

Kaliopi Fan Art, will run throughout the whole of April and you can participate every week. On Kaliopi's official YouTube channel, Kaliopi KMP, there is a playlist titled "KALIOPI - KARAOKE", in which Kaliopi has uploaded karaoke versions of some of her biggest hits, (including her two Eurovision entries), which you can chose to participate with. You can chose to either sing, play an instrument, create your own choreography or draw a cover for any one of Kaliopi's selected songs.

All entries must be sent to by 8pm every Friday along with your Instagram profile. All submitted entries will be shared on Kaliopi's official Instagram, on her stories, and all of the semi finalists will be shared on Kaliopi's official social media profiles.

From all of the submissions, an expert jury chosen by Kaliopi's management team will select three entries from each category (dancing, drawing, playing an instrument, singing) which will advance to the semi finals. The semi finalists will be selected each week, and at the end of April, they will compete in the final, in which you will all be able to vote on Facebook.

There are four prizes up for grabs, one for each category:

  • Dancing: The chance to participate in Kaliopi's next music video

  • Drawing: The chance to design the cover for Kaliopi's next single

  • Playing an instrument: The chance to perform an instrumental cover at Kaliopi's concert

  • Singing: Three online singing classes with Kaliopi

The winner of each category will go on to participate in the Main Finale, where the winner of Kaliopi Fan Art will win the grand prize - A weekend in North Macedonia with Kaliopi!

So, are you ready to join Kaliopi in the fight against Coronavirus? If so, stay home and get creative!

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