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Spain | Artist annoucment for PrePartyES

If you can't go outside, and there are limited things you can do, then you might be interested by this news. As we know, the first pre party to go ahead for the Eurovision 2020 season was announced, and it is PrePartyES. However, we won't be travelling to Madrid for the party, instead, this time, it will be a home concert edition.

When this will happen?

Saturday April 11 at 22:00 CET.

Where can you watch PrePartyES?

On the official YouTube channel.

Which artists you will see performing? As it's stands :

  • Ben Dolic - Germany

  • Benny Cristo - Czechia

  • Damir Kedžo - Croatia

  • Go_A - Ukraine

  • Lesley Roy - Ireland

  • Montaigne - Australia

  • Roxen - Romania

  • Samanta Tina - Latvia

  • The Mamas - Sweden

  • The Roop - Lithuania

  • Vasil - North Macedonia

  • Victoria - Bulgaria

As we know Eurovision 2020 is cancelled, and Spain is trying to bring good vibes back into our lives, and we are thankful to them. Thank you Spain!

Are you happy with this news? Will you watch PrePartyES? Who are your favourite artists? Let us know on our social media.

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