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Denmark | Dansk Melodi Grand Prix to choose Danish act for 2021

The Danish national broadcaster DR has confirmed that the long running national selection, Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, will be returning in 2021 and will be used to choose their act for Eurovision 2021 and will stay as an open selection.

The 2020 Danish representative Ben & Tan have released a statement that their will not be taking part in the national selection, and as a result will not be representing Denmark in 2021 despite initially showing interest. One half of the duo, Tanne 'Tan' Balcells, has released a statement regarding their decision to not return:

"I feel we would take the place from some others. After all, we have tried to be part of the show. It must be someone else’s trip next year. That is most fair. And you can run the risk of going again and then lose, and that’s what people remember. So we would rather leave it to victory and then otherwise focus on our music."

The DR Head of Entertainment, Jan Lagermand Lundme, also released a statement saying:

"Only after the corona crisis is over we will start to look at what the Danish Melodi Grand Prix will look like next year. But as we said, we choose to see the EBU show (Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light) in May as the end of this year’s Melodi Grand Prix and we will start on a fresh one from next year. I understand that it’s been a mixed game for Ben & Tan and the people behind ‘Yes’. I’m glad that with the EBU’s great Eurovision program, we will be showcasing the song throughout Europe and getting Ben & Tan out to viewers and fans across the continent."

Ben & Tan were set to sing "Yes" in the 2nd semi final in Rotterdam this May. You can check out our reaction to the song below:

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