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Eurovision 2021 | Roxen & Montaigne to return in 2021

The list of returnees is getting bigger and bigger! It has been announced that Roxen and Montaigne will be returning to the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 to represent Romania and Australia respectively. That brings the total of returning 2020 acts to 13.

Roxen was revealed to be returning a few days ago, after a decision was made between the broadcaster TVR and the record label Global Records. The head of delegation Liana Stanciu made a statement, saying:

"TVR waited for the official confirmation from organisers regarding the possibility to support the artist already selected for this year’s competition, then discussed the current situation with Global Records and reached the decision to maintain Roxen as Romania’s representative at ESC2021. Under the current complicated circumstances, we will put to good use the resources invested for organising the 2020 National Selection and we will also honour the vote of confidence that Roxen has already received."

Montaigne was also confirmed to be returning only yesterday, with SBS confirming the news via their Twitter account. Montaigne also made a video about her return, which you can check out below:

Roxen was internally selected by the broadcaster and was set to perform "Alcohol You" in the 1st Semi Final on the 12th May after the song won the national selection to choose the song.

Montaigne won the national selection "Eurovision: Australia Decides" after receiving the highest combined total of jury and public votes. She was also set to perform "Don't Break Me" in the 1st Semi Final.

You can check out our reaction to the songs below:

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Stay safe and look after each other 💕

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