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Switzerland | Gjon's Tears to fly the Swiss flag in 2021

March 20, 2020


Tonight we turn our attention to Switzerland, where it has been confirmed that Gjon's Tears will be representing the country again in the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. Although, sadly, the 2020 edition has been cancelled, many countries have confirmed that they will send the same artists in 2021, in an honourable attempt to respect their work and dedication. 


The artist himself confirmed the news on Instagram. He said: 'So happy that I will be back for 2021! See you soon! And all of your support and love made this possible! (...) Thank you to my delegation who believes in me and give me energy at every step of this crazy experience". 



Switzerland was to be represented in the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest by Gjon's Tears with the song "Répondez-moi", an emotional ballad which explores the alienation of a person living in another country other than where the person has their origins, thus looking for a place to call 'home' and not finding it in either. Prior to the cancellation news, Switzerland was considered one of the strongest contenders, being #3 in the betting odds with a 10% chance of winning the contest. You can listen to the song here:



What do you think about these news? Do you like Gjon's song? Do you think he will re-represent Switzerland with a better song? Let us know!



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