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Eurovision 2021 | Returning artists confirmed for 2021

After the unfortunate announcement yesterday of the cancellation of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 due to the current COVID-19 pandemic happening in the world, there were many questions up in the air about if the artists that were to participate this year. After the cancellation announcement, some countries have confirmed that their chosen 2020 artists will be representing them again in 2021.

Blas Cantó was one of the first artists confirmed to be returning in 2021, with the broadcaster inviting him back to be the candidate for 2021 and Blas accepting the invitation, saying "There is a commitment on my part to continue working on our participation in 2021 and I am very happy to have the opportunity to do so next year."

Later, Dutch broadcaster AVOTROS confirmed that they would like Jeangu Macrooy to represent them in 2021, stating "This has also been an exciting period for Jeangu Macrooy, but he fully understands the decision. AVROTROS remains behind our Dutch entry and is happy to continue the collaboration with Jeangu in 2021 with new energy and great passion. Together we are strong!"

The Georgian broadcaster GPB has also confirmed that Tornike Kipiani will represent the country again in 2021.

The Greek broadcaster ERT has confirmed that they would like Stefania to represent them in 2021, stating "ERT has already assessed the very positive reception from Greek and European audiences towards this year’s selection of the talented Stefania Liberakakis, as well as the cooperation we have had with her. ERT intends to continue this cooperation over time, as the EBU’s final decisions become known.”

The Ukranian broadcaster also offered an invitation to Go_A to represent Ukraine again in 2021, with the broadcaster chairman Zurab Alasania stating "If nothing changes in the life of the Go_A band and they are ready to perform on the Eurovision stage next year, we will contribute to that. This applies to the preparation for the song competition and other organisational issues. Our partners and colleagues, STB channel, agree with this decision." The band later confirmed on their Instagram account that they will be going to Eurovision again in 2021.

Of course, there are some countries this year that have stated that their artists this year may not necessarily be their representative next year, with Sweden and Estonia confirming that their 2021 representative will be the winner of each of their respective national final in 2021, although Estonia confirmed that they have given their 2020 representative Uku Suviste a fast pass to the semi-final stage of Eesti Laul 2021.

With this chapter of Eurovision consistently evolving, we will keep you updated on any new news that arises in the coming days, weeks and months. Just be sure to follow us on our social media and subscribe to our Youtube channel to stay updated on any news and videos.

Stay safe and look after each other. 💕

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