Eurovision 2021 | Everything is being done to try and keep Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam

The director of The Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam, Jolanda Jansen has stated that she, and the Ahoy Arena, are doing everything they can to ensure that Eurovision 2021 will be held in Rotterdam.

Speaking to, Jolanda has said stated she accepts that Eurovision 2020 had to be cancelled.

"You know, there was no choice... everything is relative in the current climate."

As of last Thursday (12th March), The Netherlands banned all public gatherings of over 100 people. However, despite this, there were still many people that would have loved to see the 2020 contest go ahead, in some way or another, which is something that Jolanda has acknowledged.

"You see what has happened to us in a few days at a rapid pace. Then it is clear that this decision was going to be made."

With regards to Eurovision 2021, everyone is very much focused on making sure that Rotterdam have the chance to host the contest next year:

"We must see what is possible in Ahoy. The agenda seems free for May next year, but there are always events that have not been announced. We will do everything we can to organise Eurovision 2021 at the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam."

Do you think we will be going to Rotterdam for Eurovision 2021? Or do you think that we will be going a new city or country? Let us know in the comments below!

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