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Eurovision 2020 l Spain reveals information about Blas Cantó's backing singers and staging

Spanish public broadcaster (RTVE) has announced some news on the participation of Blas Cantó in Eurovision 2020, the news being the announcement of the backing singers that will accompany him on stage in Rotterdam.

Blas Cantó will not perform "Universo" alone on stage. A group of five backing singers, with whom he usually works at his concerts, will accompany the singer. It is a multidisciplinary team, made up of artists trained in singing and different instruments, and professionals who have extensive experience in music and shows. Blas Cantó's backing singers are:

  • Pedro Elipe: Keyboard player and music director of Blas Cantó at his concerts. He also participated in the online selection of Spain for 2017 with the song "Del dolor".

  • Héctor Artiles: He started writing and composing his own music recently, in 2018. His style is influenced by soul, R&B and electronic music.

  • Daira Monzón: She has been working in music industry for more than 17 years. She has been a female backing singer on the last two tours of Blas Cantó.

  • Irene Alman: Singer, pianist and vocal coach. She has participated in The Voice of Spain.

  • Dángelo Ortega: One of the composers of "Universo". In addition, Dángelo is also a singer and has worked with Blas Cantó on numerous occasions.

"It's important to have a team of close people, friends, who already know each other and know how we work. This way it is easier to connect on stage", explained Blas Cantó through RTVE about the people who will accompany him in his Eurovision experience.

In addition, Dan Hammond, producer and composer of "Universo", will be also the musical director of Spain at Eurovision 2020. He works at Warner Music Spain and he has collaborated with artists like Crystal Fighters. Additionally, Nicoline Refsing, responsible for the staging of Melani García in Junior Eurovision 2019, will direct the staging of Spain in Rotterdam. You can watch Andy's reaction to "Universo" in the video below:

Do you like "Universo"? What are you expecting from this song in Eurovision Song Contest? Let us know in the comments below!

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