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Eurovision 2020 l Samira Efendi will sing 'Cleopatra' for Azerbaijan

March 10, 2020


We have got the 40th song for the 65th Eurovision Song Contest from Azerbaijan! Samira Efendi will sing "Cleopatra" that has been composed and written by Luuk van Beers, Alan Roy Scott and Sarah Lake. The music video was filmed in Azerbaijan at the Gobustan National Park. 


The song features some heavy traditional elements in its instrumentation. Three Azerbaijani instruments are used: an Oud that is an traditional guitar-like string instrument, an Aalaban and the last that is a Tar (a string instrument). 


Samira's own words about the meaning behind the song: 


"Cleopatra is a song about trusting your gut instinct, standing up for yourself and being a queen - even when things get tough and especially if someone betrays or hurts you.

It is truly a song about freedom, a celebration of all cultures and sexualities and it's a song that is meant to inspire people to be who they are and be proud of themselves - just as Cleopatra was. She was a queen who went trough love, heartbreak, and betrayal, but she stood up for herself and is now as an icon of strength and femininity."



Azerbaijan is going to perform in the second half of the first semi final. We can only wonder at this point what kind of staging Azerbaijan is going to have in May, but the song is very interesting to listen to with all the ethnic elements, and the official music video is very visually appealing to the eye.



What are your feelings towards this song?

Tell us in the comment below or on our social media. 

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