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Eurovision 2020 l Victoria will sing "Tears Getting Sober" for Bulgaria

(Source: ESVLV97 on Youtube)

Victoria Georgieva, who has taken the ticket for Bulgaria to compete in Rotterdam for this years edition of Eurovision Song Contest, has released her song "Tears Getting Sober" alongside an emotional music video. Her song was released on the Bulgerian television channel BNT1 at 9am CET.

The song is about acknowledge mental health issues and talking about how you feel about being on the lowest point in your life. Composers of the song is herself together with Borislav Milanov, Lucas Oscar and Cornelia Wiebols. The song is also performed entirely in English.

Victoria became a popular name after having been a contestant on the fourth season of X Factor Bulgaria. Her latest single "I Wanna Know", has garnered many u of streams in both YouTube and Spotify during summer 2019. Her debut album is expected to be released in 2020.

Victoria has said this about her participation in Eurovision: “In the beginning of 2019, I just couldn’t imagine how many opportunities will open up for me. I am proud to be the Bulgarian artist in Rotterdam. I am privileged to be able to make music that I believe in and to have the freedom to be who I am. Being the Bulgarian ambassador on such a huge stage is a big responsibility.”

Bulgaria will perfom in the second half of the second semifinal to gain a space in the final on the 16th May. We wish all the best to Victoria and Bulgaria in the hope to qualify into the Grand Final.

Here can you watch the music video with Victoria's song "Tears Getting Sober".

What are your feelings after have listen to the song?

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