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Eurovision 2020 | It's Ben & Tan for Denmark with "Yes"

Denmark has spoken! Despite there being no audience this year in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, they still put on an amazing show with a winner emerging out of it. They have decided that Ben & Tan will be representing the nordic country with the song "Yes". They won over a field of 10 songs in the final and 3 songs that qualified for the superfinal.

The songs that qualified for the superfinal are:

  • Sander Sanchez - "Screams"

  • Ben & Tan - "Yes"

  • Emil - "Ville ønske jeg havde kendt dig"

The results of the superfinal were decided by a 50/50 combination of juries and televote, and the combined vote allowed Ben & Tan to come out victorious.

You can check out Ben & Tan's performance below:

Ben & Tan will be performing in the second half of the second Semi Final in Rotterdam this coming May. Last year Leonora won the ticket for Denmark, qualifying for the final and coming in 12th place with 120 points. Let's see if Ben & Tan can match 12th or place higher.

You can check out Eurovoxx' Andy's reaction to all of the songs from this year's DMGP below:

What do you think of the winner? Are you happy that Ben & Tan won? Tell us in the comments below as well as on our social media.

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