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Eurovision 2020 l San Marino chooses former contestant Senhit

It's Senhit for San Marino! This little micro state have been a very sneaky one this year about who is going to represent them in Rotterdam for Eurovision Song Contest. They decided to choose the rumoured artist Senhit that has competed for San Marino in 2011 with the song "Stand By".

The San Marinese broadcaster SMRTV have decided to have a selection online starting tomorrow on Senhit's website. The songs you can vote for are "Freaky!" and "Obsessed". From tomorrow Saturday March 7th at 09:00 am until midnight Sunday March 8th, you will be able to vote. On Monday March 9th, we will be able to know the result of which song has won.

San Marino have had us hanging for quite a while to build up some hype around their entry, by trolling us on several social media platforms. Many of us have been confused by this, and some have just totally been into it. On the other hand, it has been fun to follow their journey, because they have been on this train since Serhat qualified to the final last year in Tel Aviv and got their best ever result in the contest!

San Marino is going to perform in the first half of the second semi final, with a lot of uptempo songs already, which could prove to be some hard competition against this little country.

Watch when Eurovoxx interviewed Serhat that competed for San Marino last year in Tel Aviv, Israel

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