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Eurovision l Eden Alene will sing "Feker Libi" for Israel

Israel has spoken! The winning song of HaShir HaBa L'Eurovizion is "Feker Libi", chosen in the hope of getting another high result in Rotterdam this year!

After winning Eurovision in 2018 and having hosted it in Tel Aviv last year, they are putting their hopes on Eden Alene, the winner of HaKokhav HaBa L'Eurovizion (The Next star For Eurovision), to try and take the throne again for Israel.

The song was chosen by a 50/50 combination of professional juries and televoters. Out of the four songs it was "Feker Libi" that made into the top and won.

The four songs that Eden Alene performed were:

1. "Savior In The Sound" written and composed by Oren Emanuel, Ori Avni and Talia Londoner

2. "Roots" written and composed by Nathan Goshen & Stav Beger

3. "Rakata" written and composed by Gal Yosef Cohen, Eyal Yishay, Zlil Kalifi & Eran Kashi

4. "Feker Libi" written and composed by Doron Medalie, Idan Raichel & Yinon Yahel (WINNER)

This up and coming artist will go to Rotterdam to show everyone that Israel has developed, and that they are back after last year's 23rd place with this smashing hit. You can check out the winning entry below:

Israel will be performing in the first semi final and have been allocated to the second half of the show. The order of which Israel will be performing will be revealed once all the songs have been announced.

What do you think of the result? Did your favourite won? Hope you're excited for this entry.

Tell us in the comment below or on social media.

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