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Eurovision 2020 l Roxen is going to compete with "Alcohol You" in Rotterdam

The winning song of Selecţia Naţională is "Alcohol You", in the hope that Romania can bring a good result this year with their internally selected artist, Roxen.

After two years of non-qualification, Romania decided to change their game and bet it all on a internally selected artist. The Romanian broadcaster TVR scrapped their usual selection process with a proper national final they used to have, by instead having a national final of sorts, with the five selected songs that were chosen by a "special jury" for Roxen to perform with.

The song was chosen by jury and televote with a 50/50 voting system, in the fairest way possible. The show was aired on the television channels TVR1, TVR international, YouTube and on

The five songs that Roxen performed were:

1. "Beautiful Disaster" written by by Julia Frost, Breyan Isaac and Alex Cotoi

2. "Cherry Red" written by Theea Miculescu, Sebasitan Barac, Marcel Botezan and Coster Dominteanu

3. "Colors" written by Julia Frost, Breyan Isaac and Alex Cotoi

4. "Alcohol You" written by Ionut Armas, Breyan Isaac and Viky Red (WINNER)

5. "Storm" written by Minelli and Viky Red

This upcoming new artist is going to go to Rotterdam to show everyone that Romania has developed, and that they are back to take revenge with a smashing hit.

What did you think of the songs Roxen performed with? Did your favorite song win?

Tell us in the comments below or on our social media.

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