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Serbia | All finalists have been selected for Beovizija 2020

Tonight's second semi-final of Beovizija, the Serbian national selection, took place. As in the first semi final, tonight we also heard 12 competitors, 6 of whom went to the finals, including the fan favourites for the win, Hurricane, with their song "Hasta La Vista". As in semi final 1, the results were decided by 50% televote and 50% jury vote.

Finalists: 1. Hurricane "Hasta la Vista" 2. Bane Mojicevic " Cvet sa Prokletija" 3. Ana Milenkovic " Tajna" 4. Lift " Samo mi kazi" 5. Milan Bujakovic feat. Olivera Popovic " Niti" 6. Naiva " Bas bas"

Eliminated acts: 1. Balkubano "Svadba velika" 2. Bojana Mašković "Kao muzika" 3. Rocher Etno Band "Samo ti umeš to" 4. Lazar Živanović "Puklo je nebo" 5. Ivana Jordan "Vila" 6. Nenad Ćeranić "Veruj u sebe"

So now we have our 12 finalists for the Beovizija 2020 grand final! Which song would you like to see win and represent Serbia in at Eurovision 2020? Let us know in the comments below!

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