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Portugal | Here are Festival da Canção semi final 2 finalists!

Festival da Canção 2020 will be the 54th edition of the festival, the music competition that selects Portugal's entries for the Eurovision Song Contest. And tonight we continue the race for glory! Tonight we will see the remaining 4 acts out of 8 who will receive their chance to represent their country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam. The second semi-final will take place at RTP's studios in Lisbon, and hosts for the show are José Carlos Malato and Sónia Araújo (who represented Portugal at the Eurovision Dance Contest in 2007).

These are the semi finalists:

1. Dubio feat. +351 - "Cegueira"

2. Luiz Caracol & Gus Liberdade - "Dói-me o país"

3. Judas - "Cubismo enviesado"

4. Kady - "Diz só"

5. Elisa Rodrigues - "Não voltes mais"

6. Cláudio Frank - "Quero-te abraçar"

7. Tomás Luzia - "Mais real que o amor"

8. Jimmy P - "Abensonhado" Jimmy P, Tomás Luiza, Kady and Elisa Rodrigues are the four qualifiers from semi final 2. They will join the four qualifiers from semi final 1 in the final, where they will have a one in eight chance of representing Portugal at Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam.

What do you think of these finalists? Is there a clear winner? Give us your thoughts on our social media.

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