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Romania | Sandro Nicolas, Ulrikke and Loreen to perform at Selectia Nationala 2020

We’re currently on a countdown to find out what song Roxen is going to perform on the 12th of May in Rotterdam, where she will fly the Romanian flag at Eurovision 2020.

Selectia Nationala will take place this Sunday on the first of March in Buzau, Romania. It is due to start at 20:00 CET, and will be broadcasted live on the official TVR streaming platforms; for international fans, you can access this link (, and you can also watch it on the official YouTube channel for TVR.

It's All About Selectia Nationala!

First of all, the show will be hosted by Elena Gheorghe, Romania’s representative in 2009 with The Balkan Girls, and Connect-R, who represented Moldova in 2006 with Arsenium and Natalia Gordienko (who is competing this year in Moldova’s selection once again) with the song Loca. Both are currently successful artists in the Romanian music industry, and they will have their moment to shine on stage, as well as getting to host the show!

The national jury was also revealed, and it consists of Luminita Anghel (Romania 2005 with 'Let Me Try'), Crina Mardare (vocal coach), Andrei Tudor (composer), Alin Oprea (Romanian interpreter) and Edward Sanda (Romanian interpreter and songwriter).

Secondly, we currently have 3 interval acts announced: Ulrikke Brandstorp, who will be Norway’s representative this year with the song Attention, Sandro Nicolas, who is Cyprus’ representative in 2020 and who will present his Eurovision song for the first time, as well as the one and only Loreen, winner of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest with the legendary 'Euphoria'!

Additionally, because this year TVR has got a partnership with Global Records, we could expect more interval acts from one or more of their signed artists.

Our Andy has made a reaction video to the snippets of all five potential songs for Roxen, which were released on Friday, 21st of February. You can check it out here:

What do you think about Roxen’s five songs? Are you excited for Selectia Nationala?

Let us know in the comments below!

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