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Ukraine | Tina Karol will perform at the final of Vidbir 2020

Tina Karol, this year's Vidbir judge and Eurovision alumnim is set to perform at the final of Ukraine’s Eurovision selection show this Saturday.

Tina Karol is one of the most appreciated singers in Ukraine, having a bright musical career for over 15 years. She also represented Ukraine in 2006 with the song Show Me Your Love, which brought another great result for Ukraine, placing 7th in the grand final.

Tina is not the only singer that is going to perform in Vidbir’s final, she will be joined by Jamala (Eurovision 2016) and Verka Serduchka (Eurovision 2007) who are also going to perform.

6 songs are now in the running to represent Ukraine in Rotterdam in May. The running order for the final of Vidbir is as follows:

1. Krut’- 99

2. Jerry Heil- Vegan

3. Go-A- Solovey

4. David Axelrod- Horizon

5. Khayat- Call For Love

6. TVORCHI- Bonfire

Like in the two semi finals the votings will consist of 50% jury voting and 50% public voting.

You can watch Andy's reaction to all of the participating songs of Vidbir 2020 in the video below:

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