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Eurovision 2020 l Ulrikke is the winner of Melodi Grand Prix

(Top: Liza Vassilieva, Raylee, Magnus Bokn, Ulrikke Brandstorp and Akuvi)

(Bottom: Dridrik & Emil, Sondrey, Kristin Husøy, Rein Alexander and Tone Damli)

We have now reached the end of the Norwegian selection, and Ulrikke has been crowned as the first winner of Northern Europe to represent Norway in this years edition of Eurovision Song contest in Rotterdam with her song "Attention". Ulrikke won with a total of 200,345 votes!

For six weeks, we have been able, as fans and viewers, to create a relationship with the artists that have competed in the semi finals, and tried to show us a real glimpse of their songs.

5 of the 10 final songs were chosen through five semi finals where the public could vote on NRK's official website for who they wanted to see in the final. The other 5 were chosen as "direct finalists" with bigger and more established names.

The Melodi Grand Prix final was held in Trondheim Spektrum in Trondheim. The final included three rounds where people were able to vote for their favorite via online voting, just like in the semi finals. After the first round, the four songs with the most votes were paired against each other, and the winners of each duet met in the final Gold Duel. The winner of the gold duel in the very last round was the final result of the whole selection process, and has thus won the right to represent Norway at Eurovision 2020.

Result from the show:

After the first round of voting, the four acts who got the highest televote scores advanced to the second round. Kristin, Ulrikke, Lisa and Raylee all made it through. It was then announced that Kristin and Ulrikke had qualified to the final Gold Duel of Melodi Grand Prix 2020, with each of them having a 50/50 chance of representing Norway at Eurovision 2020.

Are you pleased with the results? Did your favorite win?

Tell us in the comment below or on our social media.

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