Eurovision 2020 | Diodato wins Sanremo and will represent Italy at Eurovision

February 9, 2020


It has been a grand night of Italian music! Italy celebrated its 70th edition of the historic Festival di Sanremo. Five shows that have brought together the best known artists in the country. A total of 24 singers have participated in this edition, but only one has ended up with the coveted trophy.


The cumulative voting system throughout the week has culminated tonight. The structure and percentages of this system was as follows:


  • Jury: 33,33% (25% from first and second nights + 8,33% from fifth night)

  • Members of the orchestra: 25% (from the third night)

  • Press room: 33,33% (25% from fourth night + 8,33% from fifth night)

  • Televote: 8,33% (from fifth night)


After listening to all the participating songs, the result of this cumulative system was the following (To avoid conditioning the vote, it hasn't been specified who has been first, second and third in the Top 3):


Top 3: Diodato - “Fai rumore”

Top 3: Francesco Gabbani - “Viceversa”

Top 3: Pinguini Tattici Nucleari - “Ringo Starr”

4. Le Vibrazioni - “Dov'è”

5. Piero Pelù - “Gigante”

6. Tosca - “Ho amato tutto”

7. Elodie - “Andromeda”

8. Achille Lauro - “Me ne frego”

9. Irene Grandi - “Finalmente io”

10. Rancore - “Eden”

11. Raphael Gualazzi - “Carioca”

12. Levante - “Tikibombom”

13. Anastasio - “Rosso di rabbia”

14. Alberto Urso - “Il sole ad est”

15. Marco Masini - “Il confronto”

16. Paolo Jannacci - “Voglio parlarti adesso”

17. Rita Pavone - “Niente (Resilienza 74)”

18. Michele Zarrillo - “Nell'estasi o nel fango”

19. Enrico Nigiotti - “Baciami adesso”

20. Giordana Angi - “Come mia madre”

21. Elettra Lamborghini - “Musica (e il resto scompare)”

22. Junior Cally - “No grazie”

23. Riki - “Lo sappiamo entrambi”


The three contestants with the best results, Diodato, Francesco Gabbani and Pinguini Tattici Nucleari, competed for the Sanremo trophy in a final phase. In this "Finale a tre", the winner was decided by a mixed voting system between jury (33%), press room (33%) and televote (34%). Finally, the result was as follows:


1st: Diodato - "Fai rumore"

2nd: Francesco Gabbani - "Viceversa"

3rd: Pinguini Tattici Nucleari - Ringo Starr


The winner of Sanremo 2020 will have the right to represent Italy in Eurovision 2020, an option that if discarded, will go to on another contestant chosen internally by RAI. In this case, RAI has announced that Diodato has accepted the invitation to represent Italy at Eurovision 2020.



Check out Diodato's performance below:



What do you think about the winner of Sanremo 2020? Would you like to see Diodato at Eurovision? Let us know in the comments below!


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