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Ukraine | Krut wins Vidbir semi final one

Today we saw the first semi final of the national selection of Ukraine, Vidbir. A total of 8 acts competed for the 3 spots in the grand final. The result was decided by 50% public, 50% jury vote. The jury was composed of Andrii Danylko, Tina Karol and Vitalii Drozdov. They all gave their highest score to Krut, followed by Jerry Heil and Go-A. The public also gave their highest points to the same three contenders, making Krut the winner of semi final 1 with her song "99".

The full results of semi final one are as follows:

  1. KRUTЬ - "99" - 16 points

  2. GO-A - "Solovey" - 13 points

  3. Jerry Heil - "Vegan" - 11 points

  4. CLOUDLESS - "Drown Me Down" - 10 points

  5. Katya Chilly - "Pich" - 7 points

  6. Gio - "Feeling So Lost" - 6 points

  7. Band [O] - "Tam, Kudy Ya Ydu" - 5 points

  8. Assol - "Save It" - 2 points

The 2nd semifinal will be on 15th February and the grand final will be hold on 22nd February, in which we will find out the artist who will represent Ukraine in Rotterdam.

Check out KRUTЬ's live performance below:

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