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Lithuania | The final line-up for Pabandom is Naujo is complete

The second semi-final of the Lithuanian national selection Pabandom is Naujo was held tonight in Vilnius. Among the 8 competitors, with a combination of jury and audience voting, we received 4 finalists who will join the finalists from the first semi-finals, in the grand final. Evgenya Redko was due to perform in tonight's semi final, but unfortunatley, she had to withdraw due to health reasons.


1. Monika Marija - "If I Leave"

2. Moniqué - "Make Me Human"

3. Meandi - "DRIP"

4. The Backs - "Fully"

Eliminated acts:

1. Germanas Skoris - "Chemistry (Breaking Free)"

2. Rokas Povilius - "Vilnius Calling"

3. Petunija - "Show Ya"

4. Andy Vaic - "Why Why Why"

The final of Pabandom is Naujo will be aired next week on February 15, when we will find out who will represent Lithuania in Rotterdam. As in the earlier stages of the competition, their representative will be selected by a combination of the votes of the jury and the audience.

Are you happy with tonight's qualifiers? Who was your favourite tonight?

Let us know in the comments below!

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