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Italy | Fourth night of Sanremo finishes with Bugo and Morgan's argument on stage and Diodato as

The fourth and penultimate night of music and celebration in Sanremo. The historic Italian contest has held its fourth gala, in which all artists have sung their song again. These songs were already presented on the first and second night of the contest.

Sanremo is divided into four nights and the grand finale. Unlike most national selection programs, there are no eliminations. Instead the voting system is cumulative night by night. A jury voted during the first and second night, the members of the orchestra on the third night, and the press room on the fourth night.

One of the highlights of the night was Bugo and Morgan's withdrawal from the competition. An argument between both singers resulted in Morgan modifying the lyrics of the song to insult Bugo, moving their feud on-stage. The new lyrics said in Italian: "Your bad intentions, your bad education, your bad figure last night. Your ingratitude, your arrogance. Do what you want by putting your feet on your head. Of course disorder is an art form, but you only know how to cultivate envy. Thank to heaven that you are on this stage. Respect those who brought you inside: This is me". A clearly offended Bugo left the stage and decided not to participate in Sanremo.

After reprising the 23 songs (you can listen to them at the following links: First night, second night), the result of the press room vote was released:

  1. Diodato - “Fai rumore”

  2. Francesco Gabbani - “Viceversa”

  3. Pinguini Tattici Nucleari - “Ringo Starr”

  4. Le Vibrazioni - “Dov'è”

  5. Piero Pelù - “Gigante”

  6. Tosca - “Ho amato tutto”

  7. Rancore - “Eden”

  8. Elodie - “Andromeda”

  9. Achille Lauro - “Me ne frego”

  10. Irene Grandi - “Finalmente io”

  11. Anastasio - “Rosso di rabbia”

  12. Raphael Gualazzi - “Carioca”

  13. Paolo Jannacci - “Voglio parlarti adesso”

  14. Rita Pavone - “Niente (Resilienza 74)”

  15. Levante - “Tikibombom”

  16. Marco Masini - “Il confronto”

  17. Junior Cally - “No grazie”

  18. Elettra Lamborghini - “Musica (e il resto scompare)”

  19. Giordana Angi - “Come mia madre”

  20. Michele Zarrillo - “Nell'estasi o nel fango”

  21. Enrico Nigiotti - “Baciami adesso”

  22. Riki - “Lo sappiamo entrambi”

  23. Alberto Urso - “Il sole ad est”

In tomorrow's grand final, a combination of the jury (first and second night), orchestra (third night), press (fourth night) and audience (final night) will decide which three songs pass to the final round. In this round, a mixed system between jury (33%), press (33%) and audience (34%) will decide the winner.

The winner of Sanremo 2020 will have the right to represent Italy in Eurovision 2020, an option that if rejected, will go to another contestant chosen internally by RAI.

What is your favourite song of Sanremo? Would you like to see any of these songs at Eurovision? Let us know in the comments!


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