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Australia l Montaigne will represent Australia at Eurovision 2020

Montaigne will represent Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam with the song "Don´t Break Me" following her win at Australia Decides!

The 24 year old Sydney-based artist placed ahead of nine other hopefuls, topping the jury vote with 54 points and coming second in the public vote with 53 points, for a total of 107. Televote favourite Casey Donovan came to a close second finishing with 100 points in total.

"Don´t Break Me" is a powerful art-pop anthem that Montaigne describes as: "a depiction of the enough is enough phase of a relationship breakdown, where one person feels like they are putting much more time, energy and resources into the relationship than the other person and becomes frustrated and resentful."

Following her win, Montaigne had this to say: “This is wild! I started out just grateful to be a part of Eurovision but this is fricken insane! Thank you to everyone who gave me their vote, I’m so excited to go to Rotterdam and give it a red hot go!”

Results of the show:

1. Montaigne - Don't Break Me (107 points)

2. Casey Donovan - Proud (100 points)

3. Vanessa Amorosi - Lessons of Love (82 points)

4. Didirri - Raw Stuff (63 points)

5. Mitch Tambo - Together (57 points)

6. Jaguar Jonze - Rabbit Hole (46 points)

7. Diana Rouvas - Can We Make Heaven (42 points)

8. Jack Vidgen - I Am King I Am Queen (34 points)

9. iOTA - Life (32 points)

10 - Jordan-Ravi - Pushing Stars (23 points)

Australia is one of the newest countries to compete in Eurovision making their debut in 2015. With their first four acts chosen internally, SBS introduced the national selection format for the first time in 2019. Last year Kate Miller-Heidke was selected to be their representative in the 64th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv.

Australia's best result came in 2016 with Korean-born Australian singer-songwriter Dami Im. Her song "Sound of Silence" won the jury vote and finished second overall at the contest in Stockholm. During tonight's show Dami Im announced that she will try to represent Australia next year in "Australia Decides".

Montaigne - Don´t Break me

Are you happy with the result and the winner? Tell us in the comments below or on our social media.

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