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Andorra | Gisela will sing at the Oscars

The Spanish singer Gisela, who represented Andorra in Eurovision 2008 and who was one of Rosa's backing vocalists in Eurovision 2002, is one of Disney's star voices in Spain. Among her works with this company is the dubbing of Elsa's songs from the film "Frozen". Now, she will fulfil a dream that few have the opportunity to achieve: singing at the Oscars.

"Into the unknown" from Frozen 2, is nominated for Best Original Song at the Oscars 2020. That's why the Academy has invited Elsa's voices on the dubbing from Denmark, Germany, Japan, Latin America, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain and Thailand to join Idina Menzel and Aurora on stage for an unforgettable performance of “Into the Unknown” at the Oscars.

It is a pleasure to see that the careers of Eurovision artists continue to be successful after the contest. Team Eurovoxx congratulate Gisela on her upcoming Oscars performance and we wish her all the best!


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