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Interview | Hurricane: 'We tried to make something different from other people who participate&#

Beovizija, the Serbian national selection for Eurovision, will be held this March. Among the contestants is the popular Serbian girl band Hurricane, who are also a big fan favorite among the Eurovision community. We had the honor of talking to them.

Eurovoxx: First of all, congratulations on your participation in Beovizija, what are your first impressions?

Hurricane: Thank You. Well, we feel very relaxed at the moment, and we actually expected we're going to pass the first stage auditions for Beovizija.

Eurovoxx: Can you tell us how and when the band was formed?

Hurricane: The band started in the Caribbean Islands about 2 and a half years ago now, and actually, the idea was to start a woman band from 3 Serbian singers and to try and gain success on the international market as there is a lot very talented musicians in Serbia.

Eurovoxx: You rose the fame in Serbia with the song “Favorito”, sung entirely in Serbian, and also, you have a few singles in English?

Hurricane: Yes, we have the song in Serbian, for the local market, and almost a whole album of songs in English, and we are very happy that our songs can be heard on over 100 world wide radio stations.

Eurovoxx: Sanja, you were a representative of Serbia at Eurovision 2016, how much did your performance in Stockholm bring experience to you in your career so far?

Hurricane: Well, a whole new level experience, really. And that encouraged me to join the group Hurricane and do stuff for the international market.

Eurovoxx: Ksenija, you took part in Eurovision too, being a backing vocalist for Montenegro in 2015. Could you tell us more about your experience at Eurovision?

Hurricane: Actually, everything as Sanja said. It was a really big experience.

Eurovoxx: This year you will perform with the song "Hasta la vista" composed by Nemanja Antonic. Could you tell us more about your collaboration?

Hurricane: Yeah, Nemanja is young and very ambitious producer. He is really popular here in Serbia, and he produced some of our songs in Serbian, and now, here we are, preparing for Eurovision.

Eurovoxx: Ivana, what are you most looking forward about Beovizija? Have you had any advice from Sanja and Ksenija?

Hurricane: Well, there's a lot of things, actually; It'd be my first time at that big festival. Every day, we all learn something from each other.

Eurovoxx: What can we expect from Hurricane on Beovizija stage?

Hurricane: When it comes to stage performance, and the song also, we tried to make something which is different from the other people who participate. Looking for your feedback, hehe!

Eurovoxx: Do you plan to release an album in 2020?

Hurricane: Yeah, It is most likely to be that way. We have a lot of obligations but we are also working on new music.

Check out their song for Beovizija 2020, "Hasta La Vista"

Eurovoxx wish to thank you for your time and we wish Hurricane good luck for Beovizija!

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