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Italy | Sanremo celebrates its first night with Raphael Gualazzi and Rita Pavone among the contestan

Italy has inaugurated the great week of Sanremo. The historic contest celebrates its 70th edition this year. The Teatro Ariston receives during this edition some of the best artists in Italy, including legends like Rita Pavone and former Eurovision contestants Francesco Gabbani (2017) and Raphael Gualazzi (2011).

The contest is divided into four nights (not qualifiers) and the grand finale. The vote of the audience (34%), a jury (33%), the press room and the members of the orchestra (33%) will decide the winner thanks to a mixed and cumulative voting system night by night. The winner of Sanremo 2020 will have the right to represent Italy in Eurovision 2020, an option that if discarded, will go to on another contestant chosen internally by RAI.

After the opening acts and the duels, the great competition began: The category "Campioni". This is the category related to Eurovision. In this category, 24 songs compete to be the best song of Italian music in 2020 and represent Italy at Eurovision in Rotterdam.

The Netherlands will host Eurovision for the fifth time this year. Its first time was 62 years ago, in Hilversum 1958. That year, Italy participated in Eurovision with Domenico Modugno and the song “Nel blu dipinto di blu”. Although he did not win and he was third, his song went down in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest and it is still one of the most successful and recognized worldwide. That is why the great Italian star Tiziano Ferro has sung it to inaugurate the competition in the 'Campioni' category. Sanremo has also had the presence of other former Eurovision singers tonight, such as the duet Romina and Al Bano (1976 and 1985) and Emma Marrone (2014).

On this first night, 12 of the 24 'Campioni' songs were presented:

1. Irene Grandi - “Finalmente io”

The first song was sung by one of the most beloved Italian voices, Irene Grandi, who competed with an Italian pop-rock song composed by the great Italian rocker Vasco Rossi. It was definetley an energetic start to the festival.

2. Marco Masini - “Il confronto”

One of Sanremo 2020 favorites, Marco Masini, showed off his great voice with a melodic song that has a very catchy refrain, combined with a great performance. We must also highlight the spectacular performance of the orchestra in this song.

3. Rita Pavone - “Niente (Resilienza 74)”

Rita is a legend of the music industry in Italy. After 42 years, Rita has decided to compete again in an exceptional way due to the 70th anniversary of Sanremo. A powerful demonstration of Italian pop rock that got the Teatro Ariston audience up on their feet!

4. Achille Lauro - “Me ne frego”

After veteran Rita, the young Achille Lauro was up with his extravagant performance that is sure to get everyone talking!. It was certainly something different (in a good way) for tonight.

5. Diodato - “Fai rumore”

Diodato performed a beautiful ballad, full of power and emotion, that goes direct to our hearts.

6. Le Vibrazioni - “Dov'è”

The Italian group returns to Sanremo with a a very intense refrain and a great performance, accompanied by a sign language interpreter.

7. Anastasio - “Rosso di rabbia”

Pop, rock and rap merge into the proposal of the young Italian rapper. Something else a bit different, just one example of the great variety of this edition of Sanremo.

8. Elodie - “Andromeda”

Elodie returns to Sanremo with a song written by Mahmood, runner up of Eurovision 2019. A pop song with a very modern sound, the scenic presence of Elodie has been one of the most impressive of the night.

9. Bugo e Morgan - “Sincero”

These two artists have joined forces for this duet that has brought us a song that takes us back to the Italian rhythms of the 1980s.

10. Alberto Urso - “Il sole ad est”

This tenor delighted the audience with the lyrical song of the night, and gave a very emotional and chilling performance of his ballad.

11. Riki - “Lo sappiamo entrambi”

The young singer is competing in Sanremo for first time, and he does so with a beautiful ballad with a modern touch.

12. Raphael Gualazzi - “Carioca”

The rhythm invites us to dance with the song that Raphael Gualazzi returns to Sanremo with. The runner-up of Eurovision 2011 was the final touch to an incredible night, and provided us with a touch of funky jazz.

At the end of the gala, the result of the jury vote were released:

  1. Le Vibrazioni - “Dov'è”.

  2. Elodie - “Andromeda”.

  3. Diodato - “Fai rumore”.

  4. Irene Grandi - “Finalmente io”.

  5. Marco Masini - “Il confronto”.

  6. Alberto Urso - “Il sole ad est”.

  7. Raphael Gualazzi - “Carioca”.

  8. Anastasio - “Rosso di rabbia”.

  9. Achille Lauro - “Me ne frego”.

  10. Rita Pavone - “Niente (Resilienza 74)”.

  11. Riki - “Lo sappiamo entrambi”.

  12. Bugo e Morgan - “Sincero”.

The other 12 remaining songs will be performed at the second gala, which will take place on Wednesday February 5th.

What has been your favorite song from "Prima serata di Sanremo"? Would you like to see any of these songs at Eurovision? Let us know in the comments!

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