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Romania | Changes to selection method sees Romania go internal

TVR, the Romanian National Broadcaster, announced today details about the method they have decided upon for choosing Romania’s representative for Eurovision 2020. Unlike previous years, there will be no Selectia Nationala, and instead, TVR decided to have a new approach, having been inspired by other countries. Because Romania didn’t qualify in 2018 nor 2019, it served as a wake-up call to the broadcaster, and it was decided that things will be different this year.

The new selection method is not unheard of. The artist will be selected internally by a professional committee, in a partnership with a well-known record label. There will be a songwriting camp organized, after which there will be five songs selected. Romania will then have a ‘National Final’ taking place on the 1st of March, where the song will be selected by a combined 50% jury and 50% televote. Details about the National Final are yet to be announced.

Romania’s team for this year consists of:

  • Liana Stanciu as Head of Delegation (previously HoD in 2014 & 2015),

  • Elena Stirbescu as Project Manager,

  • Smaranda Vornicu-Shalit as Head of Press (previously HoD in 2019)

  • Dan Manoliu as Artistic Director (previously HoD from early 2000s until 2013)

There are rumours regarding the potential selected artist: according to some sources, Global Records is the record label that TVR will collaborate with. This is big news for Romania because the artists that are signed with them include international star INNA and other famous artists such as Delia (Selectia Nationala 2006), Carla’s Dreams, Irina Rimes (competed in the Moldovan national selection in 2012), Alina Eremia (Junior Eurovision 2005 with "Turai") and Vanotek (runner-up in Selectia Nationala 2016).

Whereas it’s less likely to have a well-known artist selected from Romania, there rumours give us the hope for a professional selection of an artist and song that will hopefully translate into Romania’s qualification in the final and, maybe even, a good place in the final!

Check out our interview with Ester Peony in Tel Aviv:

What do you think of Romania’s selection for this year? Would you have preferred a national selection, or do you think an internal selection will give them better odds?

Let us know in the comments below!

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