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Eurovision 2020 | Spain officially releases its song 'Universo' for Rotterdam

The days of waiting has come to an end. Spain has released its song for Eurovision 2020, 'Universo' by Blas Cantó. A mid-tempo in Spanish which has been created by the producer Dan Hammond among other authors. The song has been published on the RTVE website this morning and it can be heard there throughout today. Starting at 00:00 CET, the song will be available on YouTube and digital platforms too.

Toñi Prieto (director of the Entertainment Department of RTVE), defines ‘Universo’ as a mid-tempo with an epic ending and that, although it is a new kind of music for Blas, retains his essence and he will be able to demonstrate his full potential.

‘Universo’ was chosen among 50 songs created specifically to be performed by Blas Cantó in Eurovision 2020. "The song was created on a trip we made to Edinburgh. Dan Hammond was who proposed to go to Scotland, where we work with other composers who already have experience in Eurovision", Blas explains on RTVE website.

Blas Cantó would like to record the song in several languages so that its message reaches all over Europe, such as English and French. He doesn't rule out recording it also in the co-official languages of Spain (Basque, Catalan or Galician).

The video of ‘Universo’ has been directed by Cristian Velasco and filmed in the Canary Islands. In the images, you can see volcanic soil surfaces that seem to be from another planet. Thus, it is tried to transport the spectator towards the immensity of the universe.

You can watch Eurovoxx' reaction to Blas Cantó being chosen in the video below:

Do you like "Universo"? What are you expecting from this song in Eurovision Song Contest?

Let us know in the comments below!

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