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Norway| Kristin Husøy wins the third semi-final of Melodi Grand Prix 2020

This evening it was Central Norway's turn in the MGP 2020. Just like the last two weeks, four acts competed for a ticket to the final on 15th of February 2020. These four acts were:

Sie Gubba- Kjære Du

Thomas Løseth- Vertigo

Kristin Husøy- Pray For Me

Alexandru- Pink Jacket

After the first phase of duels, Sie Gubba and Kristin Husøy proceeded to the final duel and thus fought for the place in the final. This final duel was won by Kristin which means she will join the two previous qualifiers Raylee and Rein Alexander together with the five other pre-qualified acts in the final.

This week it also was pre-qualified finalist Akuvi's turn to present her song 'Som du er'. You can check out Akuvi's song down below:


Next week we will once again see four

acts competing for a place in the final,

this time all come from Western Norway.

Whilst waiting, you can check out our review

of the four competing songs for Central Norway down below!

Are you happy with this week's qualifier?

Let us know in the comments down below!

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