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Eurovision 2020 | 'Universo' is the Spanish song for Rotterdam

'Universo' is Blas Cantó's song for Eurovision 2020. This song has been chosen internally by Spanish public broadcaster (RTVE), and it has been composed and designed to highlight his vocal skills. The title of the song was announced this morning on social media.

After two and a half hours creating excitement through a thread on Twitter, RTVE finally announced the title of the song through TikTok. This way of announcing only the title of the song has been criticized by fans and journalists through social networks.

As usual, RTVE will continue to announce information about their entry gradually over time. The next thing to be announced will be the cover of the single, which will be announced on 23rd January. On that day, the song's release date will also be announced.

Blas Cantó was selected internally by RTVE to represent Spain in Eurovision 2020; However, this is not the first time that he has been associated with Eurovision as Blas has tried to step on the Eurovision stage on three occasions: Junior Eurovision 2004, Eurovision 2010 and Eurovision 2011. This last as member of the boyband called Auryn.

His first attempt was in 2004, when he participated in the second edition of Eurojunior, Spain's national final for Junior Eurovision. He managed to reach the final with his beautiful ballad 'Sentir', however he couldn't do anything against the María Isabel's hit 'Antes muerta que sencilla', which, months later, achieved victory at Junior Eurovision.

Six years passed until his next attempt. The singer tried it in the online pre-selection "Destino Oslo: ¡Tu país te necesita!" ("Destination Oslo: Your country needs you!"). Through this online process, 10 songs were selected for the grand finale. Unfortunately, Blas Cantó and his ballad 'Hoy quisiera' failed to make it past the online voting stage.

The following year, Blas Cantó returned, accompanied by Daniel Fernández (Junior Eurovision 2006), Álvaro Gango, Carlos Marco and David Lafuente. They formed a boyband called Auryn and tried to represent Spain in Eurovision 2011. They reached the final and were very close to representing Spain with the song 'Volver', but ultimatley lost out to Lucía Pérez.

After the separation of Auryn, Blas began his solo career. He won an famous imitations contest on Spanish television and, after that, published his first solo album. Now, 16 years after his first Eurovision attempt, Blas is closer to the Eurovision stage than ever before. His opportunity has come. He will represent Spain with the song 'Universo', described by Blas as "a new and risky style".

Are you excited to hear "Universo"? What are you expecting from the song?

Let us know in the comments below!

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