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Moldova | TRM received 36 songs for national selection

Moldovan Broadcaster TRM announced this afternoon that they have received 36 songs for O Melodie Pentru Europa 2020. There are several returning performers among the line-up, including: Pasha Parfeny (2012), Geta Burlacu (2008), and Natalia Gordienko (2006). Whilst some of the songs are already available on YouTube, the majority of the songs have not been released yet.

The competing artists for O Melodie Pentru Europa are as follows:

  • Che-MD feat Irina Revenco – Adio

  • Maria Ciolac – Our Home

  • Viorela Moraru – Remedy

  • Dima Jelezoglo – Do it Slow

  • LANJERON – Hi Five

  • Nicolae Untilă – Call Me Please

  • Vovian – 10 minuni în Moldova

  • Maxim Zavidia – Take control

  • Valentin Uzun & Irina Kovalsky – Moldovița

  • Diana Popa – Believe Me

  • Danny Cruise – My Love

  • Olea Roșu – Alive

  • Catarina Sandu – Die for you

  • Ray Barc – I’m Shy

  • Tudor Bumbac – Te-am văzut în vis pe tine

  • Geta Burlacu – Răspunde

  • Sasha Bognibov – Big Brother

  • Katerina S – We Are Done

  • Sasha Letty – Summer of Love

  • Live Beat – Love Me Now

  • Valeria Pașa – It’s Time

  • Liusia Znamensky – Love No More

  • Julia Ilienko ft. Mishel Dar – Tears

  • Natalia Gordienko – Prison

  • Petronela Donciu & Portărescu Andreea – We Will Be Legends

  • Carolina Racoviță – Dancing in The Sunrise

  • Angel Kiss – My Own Queen

  • Angel Kiss – You Are My Dance

  • Lavinia Rusu – Touch

  • Irina Kit – Chain Rection

  • Alexandru Cibotaru – Cine te-a făcut să plângi

  • Denis Midone – Like a Champion

  • Pasha Parfeny – My wine

  • Lave – Wildfire

  • Diana Brescan – Let’s Go Together

  • Diana Rotaru – Dale Dale

All of the 36 acts will take part in live auditions, where a jury of music professionals will judge each song based on their originality, melody and how well the singer has performed the song. The jury members will award each song a score from 0 to 12. After the audition round, it is unsure whether a winner will be decided then and there, or whether they will have more audition rounds until they chose a winner.


Last year, Moldova finished 12th in the semi final with her song "Stay" by Anna Odobscu. Anna was joined on stage by Ukrainian sand artist, Kseniya Simonova. We caught up with both of them after they had their first rehearsal in Tel Aviv:

Are you excited by the line up for this years Moldovan selection? Who's songs are you most excited to hear? Let us know in the comments below!

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